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Live to give
Live To Give
By Wayne McDonald

The Lord Spoke to my heart years ago during a time when I was complaining, about giving to a specific need. He said,” you will either live to give or be forced to give.” I said to the Lord, “No one is going to force me to give.” He said, “That's true, but what I am telling you is you will either live to give or be forced to give.”

 If you have children you will either live to give to them or you will feel like you are forced because they are going to always need something: food, new clothes etc.    When your spouse needs something you will either live to give or become stingy and say to yourself,” He (or) she just always wants something from me.” We must always remember life is all about giving and receiving.

God’s nature is to give. In John 3 the Bible tells us that God loved us so much that He gave us His only Son, Jesus. We need to live our lives with a mentality of “who can I bless today by my giving,” instead of having a self-centered mindset that says, “all I am concerned about is me, myself , and I”.

You can give by a kind word or by giving a person a card just to let them know that you care about them. I met a woman years ago who showed up one Saturday morning to go out on the streets and do street evangelism with a group of us. She looked like she was very depressed and all down in the dumps. One of the leaders who was there that day ministered to her for about thirty minutes and prayed with her.

After he prayed she still seemed depressed and down. Then she went out on the streets and got to lead different people to Jesus. When that woman got done two hours later, she was dancing all over the place. She had joy unspeakable and full of glory. What happened  to her? She took her eyes off of herself and began to reach out to people around her. God promised in His word that whatever a man sows that he will reap.

She encouraged those people on the street and she got filled with joy herself. As we have entered another new year look for someone to bless. You can be a blessing by praying with someone who is lost and leading them to Jesus, or by just encouraging someone with kind words.

Live to give!