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Knowing Your Heavenly Fatherís Will

Knowing Your Heavenly Father’s Will

By Wayne McDonald

In all of our lives, all it takes is one new ideal one new thought and we are taken to a new place in. It will always require faith and hard work. Don’t expect things to just happen. Get in there and exercise some faith until it comes to pass. Start thinking bigger.

Knowing God’s will is not hard. Is Jesus the Lord of your life? Have you been meditating on God’s word? If so, you are beginning to think like God thinks; you have the mind of Christ. As my mind over the years has become renewed by reading God’s word, I have begun to see myself holy, prosperous, loving, free from fear, sickness and disease, and well able to carry out every goal and vision for my life and ministry.

Religious people will hear you talk like that and say, “Now that is one prideful person.” I have had pastors get on me when I have preached on this subject. I have heard people say, “There is lots of suffering that we must go through in life. Are you telling me we will not go through any suffering?” No! I think just about all of us have had our share of suffering in some way or another, but I’m saying, if we get connected with God’s original plan for our lives, we will have great success in life.

Here is a key to letting you know if you have gotten out of the will of God. Life stops being fun. Now don’t misunderstand me. Even when you are in God’s will, you will still go through seasons of testing but that is not what I am talking about. I’m saying, if years are going by and what you are doing in life does not bring great joy, you are probably misplaced and out of God’s will.

Now don’t get all upset, simply repent and go back to what you were doing that produced the most joy and fulfillment in your life? God’s will is the place of total joy and fulfillment; a place of abundance in every area of your life.