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Stay On Fire For God

Stay on fire for God
Joel 2:28
By Wayne McDonald


Joel 2:28 And afterward I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh.


Laura and I have Been witnessing powerful moves of the Holy Spirit this year like we have never seen before. However, every church that we go in is at a different level of spiritual hunger. I have noticed that the hungry churches are arresting the heart of Jesus and seeing the awesome fire and glory of His preseance.

In our home church in Millville NJ God is moving and people are getting saved, healed and set free. There is a great hunger in the people and we have the attention of the Son of God and as long as we stay hungry He will continue to move like he has been doing. I have not just been seeing the move of the Holy Spirit in our meetings as Laura and I travel and in our home church but out in the market place.

Recently I was giving someone a piano lesson and when the lesson was over I was talking with the students parents and the glory of God filled the room and I ministered to this couple and they both received Jesus as there Lord. Glory to God! That same day after I left I went to go teach another student when the lesson was over I noticed that she did not look well the grandmother told me she was coming down with some virus and was hurting.

I asked the young girl if I could pray for her she said yes, I prayed for her and commanded that virus to die in Jesus name. The next week I went back to give her a piano lesson and the grandmother grabbed me afterwards and said after I prayed for her granddaughter she was immediately healed. She said I have never witnessed anything like that in my life.


God is pouring out His Spirit, so Stay on fire for God and let him use you.