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Show Me Your Glory

Show Me Your Glory
Exodus 33:18-20
By Wayne McDonald

Exodus 33:18-20, “And Moses said, I beg you show me your glory. And God said, I will make all my goodness pass before you, and I will proclaim the name of the Lord before you: for I will be gracious to you, and will show mercy and loving-kindness on whom I will show mercy and loving-kindness. But He said, you can not see my face, for no man shall see Me and live.”

Moses cry was, “Show me your glory!” God responded to him. The faith in Moses’ heart got God’s attention. God’s response is the same to us today when we are seeking to see His glory. He is still saying, “I will make all my goodness pass before you”.

God’s purpose for your life is good. John 10:10 Jesus said, “I have come to give you life and life in abundance.” The abundant life is lived when we see His glory. God told Moses, “You cannot see My face and live”. That tells me if we are going to seek to see God’s glory and seek His face, something in us of the flesh must die. Wrong attitudes toward people, unforgiveness, wrong mindsets.

We cannot see His face and live. Anytime I have experienced the glory of the Lord something in me died that was against the will of God for my life. Seek to see God’s glory in your relationship with your spouse. That means your are going to have to over look some of the areas they come up short and unconditionally love them. The only way we can do that is by staying hungry for the glory and living in the presence of the One who is love.

Make it your heart cry today, “God show me your Glory!”