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7 Keys To Living An Abundant Life
7 Keys To Living An Abundant Life
Wayne McDonald 
key 1 
Matthew 6:33 Seek first The Kingdom of God and His way of being right, and everything you need will be added to you.
What you do with the first 15 minutes of your day sets the course for the rest of your day. I made a decision in 1992 to start my day with reading the Word of God and listening to the voice of my Heavenly Father. That one decision changed my life forever. That decision has caused me to transform my family legacy.
As you wake up and spend time reading the Word of God and  communing with your Heavenly Father He will lead you down a pathway of abundant life. You’ll make wiser decisions because you are inviting Him to be apart of your day. Spending time with Him is more important then anything else.  
As you seek first the kingdom of God everything you have need of will be added to. Start Putting it into practice today! This is the first key to living an abundant life.
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