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Make Disciples of All Nations
Make Disciples of all the Nations

By Wayne McDonald

Matthew 28:19, “Go then and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them into the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.” Edward Kimbel, a shoe clerk and Sunday school teacher in Chicago, went often to the streets, witnessing, and led a young boy named DL Moody to Jesus. In 1879 D L Moody led a young man named F B Meyer to Jesus. F B Meyer led a young man J W Chapman to Jesus. J W Chapman led a baseball player named Billy Sunday to Jesus.

Billy Sunday was held a crusade in Charlotte, North Carolina. It was so successful that another evangelist, Mordecai Ham, was invited to preach. While Mordecai Ham was preaching a teenager named Billy Graham gave his life to Jesus. If Edward Kimbel (the shoe clerk) never took the time to go minister on the streets it is possible Billy Graham would not have come to Jesus.

All of us are called to pray with people and lead them to Jesus. You may not be called to run your own ministry or church but you are called to share your faith. One time I was on the streets preaching and I ministered to a young man. This young man was selling drugs and living a wild lifestyle. I prayed with and led his to Jesus. God ended up transforming his life forever. He got on fire for God and stayed on fire. He continues to serve the Lord and leads other people to Jesus. He ministers in music and sits on the Board of Directors for our ministry.

When you minister out on the streets you just never know who you are going to touch and what will become of their life. Today make a decision to take a few minutes and minister to someone and lead them to Jesus. Make disciples of all nations one life at a time!