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Excellence Vs Perfection
Excellence Vs Perfection
By Wayne McDonald


Philippians 3:14 “I press on toward the goal to win the [supreme and heavenly] prize to which God in Christ Jesus is calling us toward”.  Paul was aiming for excellence in life and ministry not perfection. People confuse the two. Excellence is doing your best and that is all God requires. Perfection is impossible.

If you are a perfectionist you will drive yourself crazy. It is not healthy to put all that pressure on you. I use to do that and the Lord began to deal with me. He said there is a difference between excellence and perfection. I just want you to aim for excellence and not focus on everything being perfect.

Since my wife Laura and I have had our little girl Sierra I am really being forced to grow in this area. I like for everything to run smooth and for us to be on time and the house to be in order at all times. Since we have had our little girl I have found it very hard to keep everything in order.

One day I was stressing over the house being tore up and paper work that was all over. Sierra was screaming and being a two-year-old. The Lord said, if you don’t stop aiming for perfection it will kill you. I began to listen to Him that morning and He began to teach me the difference between excellence Vs perfection.

He said do your best and give me the rest. Now I am not saying that you should let everything go and be irresponsible. However today aim for excellence and not perfection.

Let yourself and others of the hook. Enjoy your life and let God’s grace cover you. Take a deep breath and take all the pressure off. Aim for excellence and not perfection!