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Come to the Threshing Floor part four
Come to the Threshing Floor part four
Tuesday June 30, 2009
By Laura McDonald

How the Lord used the story of Ruth and her encounter with Boaz at the threshing floor to minister to me. After I found myself in a downward spiral of anxiety and depression I could relate to Ruth. Like her I once felt I had everything and suddenly it felt like everything in my life had “died.” The Lord started speaking to me to “Come to the threshing floor.”

He confirmed this over and over. He began to use the threshing floor encounter Ruth had with Boaz to minister to me. The story of Ruth and Boaz is a type and a shadow. Boaz is a type and shadow of Jesus our kinsman redeemer and Ruth is a type and shadow of us.

The Lord had me study the verses where Naomi told Ruth to go to the threshing floor: (Ruth 3:3-5) Wash yourself we are washed with the blood of Jesus We go to the Lord in remembrance of what He has done not what we have done. Anoint yourself. Psalm 23:5 You anoint my head with oil”

The anointing of God (His power) is upon me The anointing destroys every yoke. Put on your best garment Jesus has given us the robe of righteousness – this is who we are in Christ not based on what we have done, but what He has done. Go down to the threshing floor Put all else aside go to that place the threshing floor to meet with Jesus our Kinsman redeemer (My kinsman redeemer).

Notice where he lies Look to the place Jesus lies: a place of hope, peace, promises fulfilled, etc…Don’t go looking at your circumstances, feelings, or problems. Notice where Jesus is… notice what He is saying (His word) Ruth was in poverty and a widow as she looked to Boaz he was hope for her. He was hope for a husband, prosperity, a life, a son family and a future. Today your hope is being restored! It’s time to break free!