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Come to the Threshing Floor
Come to the Threshing Floor
Saturday June 27, 2009
By Laura McDonald

Ruth 3:3 “Wash and anoint yourself therefore, and put on your best clothes and go down to the threshing floor”. I am going to share with you the next few days some revelation out of the book of Ruth. It has changed my whole life. But first I want you to know that I have battled with fear, anxiety and mental torment.

It is a generational curse that has been in our family background. I have always been a happy, outgoing person. I have been a Christian and loved Jesus my whole life. I grew up with my parents teaching me the word and how to pray. However, I am extremely sensitive and as a result vulnerable to the enemy in the area of fear.

Most of my life I have been able to rise above it, but there have been times where I got stuck listening to the lie of the devil and it overwhelmed me. One of these episodes was in my early twenties and the other after my first child was born. It was during these darkest times that the Lord taught me principles that would not only bring me to victory but empower others to get their victory too.

If you battle in your mind with fear, anxiety, depression, guilt, condemnation, what if thinking… If you always second guess your decisions or have emotional problems, these next few devotionals are for you. We are going to learn how to shut out the negative junk from the enemy that bombards our minds. We are going to hear the voice of the Lord through His word as we study the book of Ruth. There is hope for you, you can get totally free!