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Being a Leader
Being a Leader
By Wayne McDonald

Joshua 1:2 Moses my servant is dead. So now arise [take his place], go over this Jordan, you and this entire people, into the land I am giving them. Being a leader takes lots of hard work. People are looking up to you and expecting you to come up with the solutions to their problems.

A good leader will not be moved by his feelings but will make wise decisions that will benefit everyone. Don’t be in a rush to take on a leadership role in ministry or business or any other area unless you are ready for the demand that it will put on you.

I have seen people step into leadership roles over the years in ministry and business and get eaten alive because of the pressure. Let God shape and mold your character before you step into a place of leadership. Remember, if you're a leader and you go down you take a lot of people with you.

My wife Laura and I have always told the Lord to only let our ministry and business grow as big as our character can sustain it. We rather wait than grow big to quick and bring a lot of people down with us. Everyone likes the idea of being in charge. People tell me all the time it must be great running your own ministry and other businesses. 

Yes, I enjoy both very much, however, they are a big responsibility. If you want to be a leader ask yourself these questions. How good can I handle pressure? How am I at managing my time? Am I an example that other people want to follow? Do I start things and finish them?

If you desire to be a leader it’s going to take commitment but there is a grace to carry it out. Here is a prayer you can pray: Father, shape me and help me to be the leader that you have called me to be in my home, business, and ministry in Jesus name!