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Keep on Knocking
Keep on Knocking
By Laura McDonald

Luke 11:10 “For everyone who asks and keeps on asking receives; and he who seeks and keeps on seeking finds; and to him who knocks and keeps on knocking the door shall be opened.” When my daughter Sierra was young she had lots of toys and did not like it when anyone else wanted to play with them, so I started teaching her to share.

I guess she has gotten the message because one time she gave me a taste of my own medicine. She grabbed my cell phone. I told her no and took it back. Then she looked up at me and said, “Share.” I chuckled and gave her a play phone in its place, but later I thought more about it.

I realized that because my daughter has heard me over and over again tell her to share, she told me to do the same, she was holding me to my word. That is how we need to be with God. It is not enough to just hear what His word says.

When we are challenged in an area we need to look to Him, remind Him of what His word says, and hold Him to it. I tell God all the time that I believe what His word says and that I am expecting Him to bring it to pass.

I tell Him because He promised me. He has to do it! He wants us to hold Him to His word. He wants us to believe what He says. Let’s come to Him like a little child, believe what He said and not let go until it comes to pass!

Keep on knocking.