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Who is He ?
Who is He?
By Wayne McDonald

Luke 9:20 And He said to them, but who do you [yourselves] say that I am? And peter replied the Christ of God. There is big controversy today over who Jesus rely is. Some say He was a good man others say He was a prophet.

Who is He to you? Several years ago when my wife Laura and I were in Chicago Illinois we met a man that was raised Muslim. He was taught from birth that Aloha was God and Mohammed was the true prophet. He reached a place in life where he sincerely wanted to no the truth. He began to seek God and ask Him. God Himself revealed to him that salvation is only through the blood of Jesus Christ.

This man ended up giving his life to God. Right after he did that, his family disowned him and kicked him out of their house. But the Lord took care of this man and today He has a great ministry to the Muslim people. Who is Jesus to you? Is He just a good man or a prophet? For me, He is the Christ of God.

In 1992 I met Him and my life was revolutionized. He revealed Himself to me and I experienced His power first hand. He delivered me from drugs and alcohol and a life style of sin and shame. I don’t go by some one else’s revelation of who Jesus is I have met Him for my self.

He is the Christ the Son of the living God. If you are unsure of who He is then sincerely start to ask Him to reveal Him self to you. Just one touch of His mercy and grace is enough to convince the biggest critiqued in the world.