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Faith Slept
Faith slept
By Wayne McDonald

Luke 8:23 “But as they were sailing, He fell off to sleep, And a whirlwind revolving from below upwards swept down on the lake, and the boat was filling with water, and they were in great danger”. Jesus new the storm was coming and He went down in the boat and slept.

There He covered himself with His blanket of hope and put His head on the pillow of faith and slept sound as a baby. When the storm comes, take His example and sleep in peace. It does no good to worry! There have been times in the past where I stayed up all night trying to figure out a solution to a problem.

When a problem comes do you’re best and give God the rest. God will lead us to take certain steps but He can speak to us a whole lot faster when we are in peace. Just recently I was in a storm and instead of responding to the thing I stayed in peace. I trusted the Lord, and He spoke to my heart and gave me wisdom of what to do.

Fear will tell you that your boat is going to sink. Faith however will cause you to sleep sound knowing that you are not your own. You belong to the Lord, and He will take care of you. All things are possible to those that believe. Is your boat filling with water? Do you feel like your not going to make it?

I have been there and I want to tell you from experience that God will not let you sink. Just make sure you are walking in obedience and listening to Him. If you have not been, then start now! Start thinking and saying I am going to live like Jesus. Next time the storm comes I am going to go to sleep with my pillow of faith and blanket of hope. Faith slept.