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Woman of Strength
By Laura McDonald

In the day and age that we live in there is a lot of pressure placed on us as woman. Not only do we have the responsibility of being wives and mothers, but our society puts demands on us as well. TV, magazines and billboards constantly put pressure on us to look a certain way, to dress a certain way, and to decorate a certain way.

If we are not careful we could easily end up chasing after the “dangling carrot” that the world sets before us. Always running after something new and finding out that it is never enough.

We as woman need fulfillment in our lives. We need love and we need to be needed. We have dreams and desires and we have emotional needs. This is how God designed us, but He never meant for anything or anyone but Him to fulfill us.

His plan was for us to give Him first place in our lives and let Him direct our paths. As we follow His plan it is then that we become women of strength and everything else (our husbands, children, job, money, looks, etc...) become added blessings (not substitutions for fulfillment).

When we don’t have a relationship with God where we are spending time daily with him in prayer and in the word we get off balance. When this happens we will find ourselves feeling empty and lonely and trying to fill that emptiness with other things and other people.

As a result we may become strong women, but we will not be women of strength. No one can fill the empty voids in our lives like God can! No one but Him can give us the strength we need to be who He has called us to be.

Today take some time to read the Word of God and spend time in your Heavenly Father’s presence.