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A Different Form
A Different Form
By Wayne McDonald

Mark 16:12 After this, He appeared in different form to two of them as they were walking [along the way] into the country. After Jesus rose from the dead he showed Himself alive to His disciples.

He then appeared to some others in a different form. Have you ever been in a church service and all of the sudden laughter breaks out on more than half of the people that are there?

Have you ever seen some one receive a  gold filling in their mouth during a worship service? Have you ever been in a church service and have a holy hush come over the whole place?

These are Just some of the ways that Jesus appears in a different form. Most of the time when God starts to manifest Himself in a way that we have never experienced we question is that really God.

Always go by the fruit! Investigate and see what the result of people laughing for two hours strait is. Years ago when I saw holy laughter hit people I thought is that really you Lord.

He showed me that He was just appearing in a different form than I was accustomed to. I saw people healed both physically and emotionally by the laughter. Besides the Bible says laughter does good like a medicine.

I believe God wants to on purpose offend our minds to reveal our hearts. If you were in a church setting and a blind man approached one of the leaders and said pray for my eyes to be open.

And the leader took the man outside and spit in some dirt and gave it to the blind man to put on his eyes what would you think? Would you think now God’s not in that? Jesus did that when a blind man approached Him and the blind man received his sight.

That is thinking out side the box. We have limited the God’s Holy Spirit to what we can understand instead of just being obedient and flowing with Him. Next time the Holy Spirit is moving in a different form be slow to judge. Instead look at the fruit.