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Facing Goliath part two
Facing Goliath part two Sunday April 26, 2009 By Laura McDonald The characteristics of Goliath are the same characteristics of our enemy. Goliath Was a champion (9ft 9in) Don’t be surprised when the enemy sends “champions” your way. Goliath was from Gath. Gath means winepress. The devil sends things your way in order to “squeeze” the life out of you. Goliath was well-protected bronze helmet; coat of mail (166lbs) had 700-1000 metal plates sewn on it. He did not look like he could be killed. Sometimes it seems like the enemy brings things against us and there is no way to bring it down, no way to kill it. Bronze armor on his legs. Bronze javelin between his shoulders a spear used for short distances or hurled for longer distances. Iron spearhead was 20lbs- it had substance to it- it could do damage. Worn in Old Testament times he had everything. Sometimes it seems like the enemy has a devise that can get to us wherever we are. The staff of his spear was like a weaver’s beam. The enemy throws the same thing our way over and over again- going around the mountain. The weaver’s beam- might have had a cord on it so he could use the spear, pull it back, and use it again. The enemies devises are real they can do damage but no weapon formed against us can prosper!