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Facing Goliath


By Laura McDonald

Most of us are very familiar with the general story of David and Goliath found in 1Samuel chapter 17. But what we fail to realize is, the story of David and Goliath is actually a representation (or type and shadow) of us and the enemy (the devil and his devises).

What I want us to do is to take a very detailed look at David and Goliath. We are going to study what they were like, what they said, and how they acted. As we do you are going to find out that the same tactics Goliath used against David are the same tactics the enemy uses against us.

We can use the same principles David used to defeat Goliath. We can defeat the enemy and win every time.   I want you to see Goliath as the enemy you face today and I want you to see David as the way you will act in the face of that enemy.

Just like David, with God on our side we get the victory! David and Goliath’s battle was fought and won in the valley of Elah (Oak or mighty tree. All our battles have been fought at the cross! We need to go into all the battles we face, knowing they have already been fought and won at the cross.