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On Your Way To The Palace
On Your Way To The Palace
By Wayne McDonald

Lets take a look at one of my favorite Bible stories the story of Joseph. Please read Genesis chapter 37 to chapter 45. There is much to learn from the life of Joseph. First of all he received several dreams from the Lord that told him he was going to be elevated. In the dream was the promise. Second right after the promise came, he ended up in a pit a dry place.

Next he ended up at Potiphar’s hose, the place of temptation. He then was put in prison the lonely place. But after the prison he went to the palace and became the Prime Minister over all of Egypt. Promise, Pit, Potiphar’s, House, Prison, Palace. What a roller coaster this guy seems to be on.

When you receive a promise from the Lord don’t expect everything to go perfect. You’re going to face some resistance and at times betrayal from those you are the closes to. Then comes the pit. If you have been serving God for lots of years you have probably figered out that there are some dry times. When you face those dry times it’s like being in a pit, and you truly learn to walk by faith and not feeling.

Then comes Potphar’s house temptation. You will be tempted to quit and question was what I dreamed from God or what? Then comes the prison loneliness and seclusion. I don’t know where you are at today? Pit, Prison, Potiphars house?

But one thing is sure if you don’t give up you are going to end up in the palace. You are going to see the things God has showed you through His word and in dreams and visions come to pass. But all of us go through the 4 "P's" on the way to the palace.