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Spirit Soul and Body
Spirit Soul and Body
By Wayne McDonald

1Thesssalonians 5:23, “And may the God of peace Himself sanctify you from profane things, and make you pure and wholly consecrated to God. And may your spirit and soul and body be preserved sound and complete [and found] blameless at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ (the Messiah).”

As you spend time reading God’s word your soul gets renewed and you begin to think like God. I want you to remember something, our soul was never meant to be our enemy. Our mind is just like a computer whatever we down load is stored on our hard drive.

Our minds are brilliant! However, the most intelligent person only uses a small percent of their brain. You can always tell when someone is not accustomed to using their brain much. They walk around like zombies. Our soul needs mental stimulation and one of the best ways of getting that is through studying the word of God.

One of the best ways to destroy your mind is to sit in front of the TV for hours and let it think for you. I am not saying that there are not some good educational programs out there, but a lot of the programs out there propagate fear, lust, and pride.

I want to challenge you to fast the television, social media platforms, and study the word of God instead. Take extra time to seek God’s face like never before. As you take more time to put your mind on the things of God your spirit, soul and body will be preserved sound and complete awaiting our Lord Jesus Christ!