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True Love Waits part four
True Love Waits Part Four
By Laura McDonald

Sexual sin will affect you physically, emotionally, and spiritually: Physically once your body is awakened to sex it is much harder to withstand temptation. It is easier for a person who has never eaten chocolate to withstand the temptation to indulge when they see it then for a person who knows what it tastes like. Emotionally.

Sexual intimacy creates “soul ties” between you and the other person. Soul ties can create lots of problems, if not broken you take them into future relationships. Once they are created the only way they can be broken is through prayer and repentance.

Because sex was created for covenant there is an exchange that takes place that goes much deeper than the physical realm. That is why a girl who has had sex with a guy will many times stay with him even if he treats her bad, she is knit to him.

Sexual sins will mess you all up emotionally. Spiritually. You become one with any person you become intimate with and that does not change when sex is over. Again because sex was designed for covenant it goes much deeper than just a physical act…. It is a spiritual act.

It creates spiritual ties that need to be broken through repentance and prayer. Think about it if you have sexual relations with someone who has been with a lot of people, they became one with all those people and guess what when you have sex with them you are not alone! All those people are represented there…yuck! Sin opens the door to the devil and his devices: torment, fear, and depression, etc…True love waits.