Bios | Goals and Vision

Wayne and Laura McDonald founded Voice to the Nations Worldwide Evangelism in 1998. The purpose of this ministry is to reach the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Wayne McDonald grew up in the midst of a broken family. As a teenager he became very rebellious and used drugs, alcohol, and women to fill the emptiness in his life. In the summer of 1992 after months of conviction, Wayne surrendered his heart to the Lord (he was then sixteen years old). He began spending a lot of time reading God's Word and fellowshipping in His presence. As a result, Wayne was freed from all the torment and bondage that once held him captive. It was not long before God began to deal with Wayne about ministering out on the streets. Wayne knew nothing about street evangelism, but as he stepped out in faith, the Holy Spirit began to teach him. As a result, he has led hundreds, even thousands of people to Jesus on a one-to-one basis and continues to teach others how to do so today.

Laura McDonald was raised in a Christian home with her five brothers and sisters (Laura is one of triplets-all girls). She was born again at the age of five, and received the baptism in the Holy Spirit when she was ten. When Laura was eleven, her parents took her to see an evangelist named Richard Myers. It was during one of his meetings, that Laura received her call into ministry. Nine years later, God directed Laura to New Life Worldwide Ministries, where Richard Myers had become the pastor. It was at New Life that Laura met Wayne McDonald.

Wayne and Laura were married in 1996. After their wedding, the Lord directed them to move to New Castle, Delaware. It was there that they attended Victory Christian Fellowship under the pastorate of Gary Whetstone. Wayne worked on staff at Victory, and both Wayne and Laura attended the Gary Whetstone Worldwide Ministries School of Biblical Studies. Wayne also attended the School of Ministerial Training, and received a Bachelor's degree in Christian ministry from the Chesapeake Bible College and Seminary in Ridgley, Maryland. Wayne also became a licensed minister under Victory Outreach Ministries.

In 1998, Wayne and Laura founded Voice to the Nations Worldwide Evangelism and began preaching and teaching in churches throughout the East Coast. In 1999, Wayne and Laura entered the ministry full time and their traveling began to expand to other parts of the country. In December of 2000 after they finished Bible School, God directed Wayne and Laura to move back to New Jersey and back to New Life. They continued to minister in churches throughout the United States. In 2003 they went to Kenya East Africa (you can view photos on our "International Ministry" page).

In 2007 Wayne and Laura became parents! Sierra Faith McDonald was born on August 24th at 11:59pm. At just six weeks she went with Wayne and Laura while they ministered at a local church. She is a beautiful, healthy and happy little girl. Wayne and Laura continue to minister and they run multiple businesses. "Play like the pros school of music" and "Fit for life". They still attend New Life. It is their church covering and they are submitted to their pastor Richard Myers.

Through the years Wayne and Laura have seen thousands of people saved, healed, and touched by the power of God. They have a worldwide vision. Their desire is to see the body of Christ trained, to effectively reach the world for Jesus Christ. Wayne and Laura are available for speaking engagements and Evangelism Training Workshops. They minister in the following areas: Wayne – teahing, evangelism, worship, songwriting, business, health and fitness. He is a cetified fitness trainer. He has been studding health and fitness since 1988. He also flows in a gift of healing. Laura – teaching, evangelism, singing, dance ministry, inner healing, and she flows in the prophetic. They have a library of ministry products and a bi-monthly teachingletter. They welcome your emails.